Interview with Website Broker Thomas Smale

How many emails have you had this week promising you millions of $$$ from a new Web Marketing or Social Media strategy?

If you’re anything like me I bet it’s well over 200!

Some of them will be useful but most of them will be a complete waste of your fastest depreciating asset – YOUR TIME!

But if you have an internet business you either depend on these strategies (and have to take the rough with the smooth) or you feel like you are missing the boat.

The internet is like a house built on moving sand and that’s why, apart from my long term lead generation business, the safest business I have is my brokering business.

I’ve just interviewed Thomas Smale (the guy in the photo who looks like someone just shoved a hot poker where the sun don’t shine!) – A UK based internet broker who explains why brokering websites is a no brainer for him and how he has just hit his first $1 million:

Get full access here and get the step by step details of how he became a Power Broker:

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Get more info on Thomas here

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14 Responses to Interview with Website Broker Thomas Smale

  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks again Kenny. If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave a comment, I would be happy to help!

  2. Hi

    Seems interesting. I have many sites and might be happy to sell some but would need some 1 to 1 advice.

    Can we get together?


    • Thomas says:


      Sure thing. Would be happy to have a chat with you.

      You can either contact me via our website or drop me an email: thomas[at] and I’ll pick it up personally.


  3. Mrs. Slaton says:

    Nice share. Ray Kroc was about systems. As well as Michael Gerber it makes sense.

  4. Kurt Gross says:

    I have 42 web properties that I own. I built 22 of them with the intention of leasing them, but that has not gone as well as I thought it would.

    In the 1980′s I was a business broker so I have learned to appreciate the skills and knowledge that a good broker can bring to marketing.

    I would like to sell my sites and can understand how you probably know how to do this better than I do.

    Is there anything we can do that will profit both of us? I can pay you a commission to sell them, I can do some of the work myself and be coached by you for a % of the sale, etc.

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions of how we can mutually benefit from this?


    Kurt Gross in Tennessee, USA

    • Thomas says:

      Hey Kurt,

      Sure, I’d be happy to discuss further. Drop me a message through my site and I’ll be in touch to book in a time for a chat.


  5. Great interview, really cool

  6. Anne says:

    Hi Kenny and Thomas

    Great information as usual Kenny. Thomas, you maybe the man I have been dreaming about :). I have a site that I wish to sell(has a few caveats)and have no idea on the hows. Are you able to help someone downunder?

    Many thanks

  7. Alex says:

    Question for Thomas.

    Just curious why you don’t like to buy organic traffic sites? Is there little value, or is it just that it’s not your area of expertise.

    I always thought that buyers would prefer organic traffic sites over Social/Paid/etc..

    • Thomas says:


      Organic isn’t really an area where I feel I can add value compared to many others, especially quickly. Organic traffic can take months or even years to build. Other sources can be a lot quicker to grow and therefore add value faster. I have a number of sites that do rely mainly on organic traffic, but it is something I try to avoid.

      Most buyers do like to see organic traffic, but it’s not necessarily one of the most sustainable forms of traffic. It’s good to see a diverse range of traffic too – don’t want 95% of the traffic from one source.

      Some examples of this would be:

      - affiliate traffic
      - returning visitors (forums, ecommerce etc)
      - referring sites (not paid links)
      - social traffic
      - email traffic
      - paid traffic (preferably private deals with related sites)


  8. Stuart says:

    Great article,

    You would think that all the good domains are snapped up by now, but just shows you there is still a lot of money to be made from them.


  9. Tim says:

    I’ve worked with Thomas and his crew, and have to say, it was a pleasant surprise. I’d tried many brokers in the past without success….but within WEEKS they had offers for me and ended up successfully selling a property of mine.

    Two thumbs way up.

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