Interview with Dan Raine

Kenny Goodman and Dan Raine

Kenny Goodman and Dan Raine

Following on From the Leslie Rohde interview and the Link Building mania that followed, I managed to go one step further by interviewing the most ELUSIVE Internet Marketer on the planet:

Mr Dan Raine

It has taken about 6 months to secure this interview but boy was it worth the wait.

If you are wondering:

  • How to create market leadership
  • How to master either SEO, PPC, PPV, CPA, Social Media or List Building
  • How to hone your conversion and copy writing skills
  • How to use all of the above to build a massive network of sites and sell for millions of dollars

Then go and find a comfortable place and take a nice clean notepad with you.

This interview will brighten up your day!

You see Dan walks the walk – he isn’t just a trend spotter – he actually sets the trends where other Guru’s follow and in this interview he explains how he created this life position and how he built an INTERNET EMPIRE from scratch.

I, like lots of other internet marketers, started following Dan and joined his Immediate Edge membership about 3 years ago after hearing about a massive multimillion dollar website sale he was involved in.

I say ‘involved’ but basically, he was the seller and the one who banked all the cash!

I have constantly picked his brains over the years and haven’t looked back.

Dan makes complicated situations understandable and sees the internet as one big happy game where he shares his version of the rules with delight. You will notice this in the interview.

I recently visited his insane labs just outside Manchester and apart from being a crazy hanger with recording studios, an unmanned aircraft workshop and a life-size robot welcoming me at the door – it’s also the base where he runs one of the most advanced internet marketing operations on the planet.

He and his high level team also run the Immediate Edge from there.

You can get a $1 trial of Dan’s Immediate Edge Membership here for the next 24 hours. It is well worth trialling, and when you see the content I’m sure you won’t look back.

Immediate Edge

Dan isn’t just a guru who teaches strategies he actually runs a real life internet empire and shares his insane techniques and strategies in this interview where he doesn’t hold back.

Listen to the full interview with Dan Here:

MP3 Download: [Right Click Here and Save As... to download this interview]

Dan will be on hand to answer any of your comments or questions so fire away below.

If you enjoyed the interview (or just want to get in Dan’s good books!) Retweet/Facebook Like and spread the Raine love!

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24 Responses to Interview with Dan Raine

  1. mark says:

    Hi Kenny
    Awesome interview, great stuff

    Thanks for sharing, Mark

  2. Sean Breslin says:

    That interview sounded like fun… Some of Dan’s comments regarding corporations, I’d like to know more about.
    All in all it was interesting. Cheers Kenny!

  3. Ray Cassidy says:

    The casual marketer!! It’d be great to feel this laid back about the biz. Some great information here about how you see things unwinding over the next couple of years. It is remarkable how the big corporates haven’t grabbed the Internet properly by the short and curlies. Us little guys can look to the next 2 years maximum.

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks Kenny and Dan. Great interview.
    I see a nice trend here in your interviews with the beers/drinks involved, starting with Leslie :)

  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for the really intresting interview with the SEO god.

    tons of takeaways I learnt so much.

    A Dan is a new fine to me and has done some amazing work (thrugh his sites).

    So much to learn so few hours :-)

    Thanks guys

  6. Hey Mr. Kenny Goodman & Mr. Dan Raine,
    Wow, how neat to hear a normal conversation from two top notch gentleman.
    I have been sucking up everything that is being shared with regard to domaining/flipping/building networks etc…
    The best part of my researching is listening to the meat & potatoes of the industry from folks that are actually working within it.
    Kenny, do you do any consulting?
    Genuinely appreciate all that you bring to us in the public format.
    Most Sincerely
    Tanya Chadwick

  7. Mattias says:

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing and being real.

  8. Caroline J says:

    Kenny – it’s really nice to hear a couple of Mancunian accents talking about this stuff. Makes a nice change.
    Thank You

  9. Bill says:

    Kenny, very cool, it’s good to hear Dan’s real story pre-Internet days and hear how the “little guy” makes it big time. Interesting to hear how you both expect a big corporate tsunami of domain purchasing within 2-5 years… maybe I’ll hold onto a few until then ;) thanks for the interview, I enjoyed it. I wrote down Cialdini’s book on Persuasion (I’ve seen that said by others, too) and will read that – but could you also tell me the book Dan was referring to by Kennedy from the 80′s? I didn’t catch the name. Thanks again. – Bill

  10. Bill says:

    right, he mentioned Dan Kennedy’s book from the early 80′s and said it was “still the best book he ever wrote”, and I was wondering if you knew the name of it. If not, no problem, I can do some research. Thanks again.

  11. 212 perfume says:

    Thanks for sharing this interview,I just love interviews like this.
    Tnx Again.

  12. Jane Dance says:

    I found that very enjoyable and informative.
    Thank you.

  13. Doc Sheldon says:

    Good interview, Kenny. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’m not familiar with Dan Raine’s work, as it seems perhaps I should have been.
    I hope your projections of corporate swamping is incorrect, although I can see your reasoning. If you’re right, it will certainly change the face of the Internet for the little guy.

  14. James Dyson says:

    awesome Interview Kenny & Dan…also gotta be the best ending to an interview ever ;) Typical mancs

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