James Schramko on Domain Domination & Why He Fired His Boss!

Taking the first step towards freedom and being your own boss is both daunting and scary – everyone who quits their job goes through it.

It is usually worth it though – working on your own terms can be one of the most rewarding, exciting and satisfying feelings in the world.

And it also gives you full control of how much money you take home at he end of the month, not to mention more time having fun with your friends and family!

The first step is the most important one and in this audio interview James Schramko explains how and why he made the huge life changing decision to give up a $300k salary (with 2 executive company cars, fuel card, travel abroad etc) and fire his boss!

Click here to listen to the full interview:

Although his cushy job gave him a nice lifestyle James explains how it didn’t give him the security he needed to sleep well at night. He had $1million of mortgage/loan debt, was constantly fretting about whether his job was safe (or not) and being controlled by employers was making him unhappy and miserable. Sound familiar?

He explains how having all your eggs in one basket – which is ultimately under someone else’s control (i.e. relying on your job) is a very risky business.

James wanted to plan his exit to precision and make sure he had a second income before he made his move so when his first information product launched and was netting him $1000 a day he knew the time had come.

Click here to listen how he did it:

He is now totally debt free, earns 7 figures annually, lives in a beautiful beach front home in Australia, spends lots of time with his family, has totally outsourced his life and works when he wants.

He walks the walk and is living the dream.

James is currently heavily involved in domain name acquisitions (he bought 300 in the last week alone!) and is building a huge online empire using his Domaining /Internet Marketing knowledge combined with his massive outsourcing power and during this interview he talks about his short term and long term strategies.

If you’re looking to quit your job or build an online empire then press play sit back and be prepared to be inspired!


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23 Responses to James Schramko on Domain Domination & Why He Fired His Boss!

  1. Jeff Gardner says:


    I enjoyed this interview. Thanks for doing it. You always have interesting guests.

    James’s story is wonderfully inspiring.

    I recently heard an interview he did as part of a panel, moderated by Ed Dale. James played the role of IM villian with considerable skill!

    Impressive stuff.

    Best, Jeff.

  2. Thanks for the interview. I am more inspired to do more internet marketing and less of my job!

  3. Hugh Fraser says:

    Hi Kenny,
    Many Thanks for the interview, will give it a listen.


  4. Thanks Kenny,

    I’m downloading the interview now. Having tons of virtual properties are also part of my plan to generate cash flow as my retirement plan!

    Ming Jong

  5. conglatulation james,

    its so intereting. I can’t wait to start my own project with those websites. so much thing to do so little time.

    good stuff

  6. Brent says:

    Once again delivering some awesome free content! Thanks Kenny and James

  7. Gentlemen, loved learning about both of you, as well as about domaining, as I currently own close to 600 domains, and truly want to know more about what to do with them to monetize this business venture.

    Will finish now, and as I’m not sure if you all read this, would love to learn more!


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  9. Zoe says:

    Hi Kenny and James

    Great 42mins of content in your interview.

    Loved James’s eureka moment realisation that he could make sales of $1,000 per day.



  10. Stefan says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Thanks for another great port,really enjoying listening to these interviews. Very inspirational, and learning something new every time.

    Thank you!

  11. John says:

    Really inspiring interview Kenny, great to see another UK resident making it online.

    I could really relate to the lift that you get when you attend a seminar, I try to attend at least 4 per year.

    Thank you

  12. Mark says:

    Wow, very cool interview, thanks Kenny and James.

    I never knew the potential of ‘domaining’.

    I’m going to buy a domain per month (great tip) with popular keywords.

    I’ll also listen to the IV again.

    Thank you

  13. Tony says:

    What a great interview! Every moment was packed with pure content. I am so inspired to start my own business where I go from working 60 hours a week for my worthless, scum-bag boss to working 100+ hours a week for myself! James has the answers and now he’s permanently encased on my hard-drive along with several, sure-fire, no-risk Internet Marketing courses I have purchased. Can’t wait to invest even more when James comes to my home town to present a killer seminar on getting rich with domain domination. Keep up the great work!!

  14. Hi,this is Efrain Daurizio,just observed your web-site on google and i must say this blog is great.may I quote some of the article found in this website to my local people?i’m not sure and what you think?anyhow,Many thanks!

  15. martin says:

    Great interview – very inspiring!
    Have a question. Just watched your youtube video on How To Buy a New Dynamite Domain. When looking for domain names with good keywords, what’s your opinion on using strangely spelled prefixes? I’m thinking ‘ure’ if ‘your’ is taken for example?
    How about hyphens, good or bad?

    • Kenny says:

      No no no don’t use strange spellings. I only go for hyphens if it’s last resort or if it has other good qualities, like history, page rank etc


  16. Hi James and Kenny

    I have just downloaded the interview.

    Looking forward to listening it tonight.

    Thank you

  17. Christine says:

    Hi James and Kenny!
    I am an absolute fan of James and follow every one of his moves because along his tracks is always gold to be found. He looks after his people in his amazing forum and always shows where the low hanging fruit are ready to be picked! As usual awsome content;-)
    Thank you so much!!!

  18. Paul says:

    Great interview Kenny. I’d been meaning to listen to it for a while and finally got the chance. James reveals some great tactics that he’s found successful.

  19. Jeff says:

    James Schramko is the man. I’ve learned so much from him – I’ve listed to 4 of his interviews already. This guy does a lot of interviews… hmmmm… Interviews. Great marketing tactic :-)

  20. Martyna says:

    thanks Kenny

    I am very new to the business of domain flipping, a few days ago I saw a presentation by Adam Ginsberg about selling domains on ebay. and now looking for more. interesting stuff!

    The interview is good, great questions and answers. thanks a lot, inspiring, as James had build an enormous foundation in terms of his inner strength and organizational skills before he went into Internet marketing and congrats on your success!


  21. Fred says:

    I wish i could fire my boss. Interesting information. I am new to internet marketing and hope i can even achieve 5 figures annually for a start.

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