Graph Search: Facebook Goes from Interruption Marketing to Search

Google PPC V’s Facebook PPC

If you have used Google PPC and Facebook PPC you would have noticed that for quick and simple advertising campaigns then most of the time Google PPC is a much more targeted win and you don’t need to be a genius to work out why.

With Google PPC you are targeting people who are probably searching for what you have to offer right now depending on the keywords you are targeting.

With Facebook PPC you are trying to interrupt people as they casually social network, so although the relevancy is sort of there, the timing isn’t. You can target their past likes and preferences but you cannot know you are definitely targeting their current likes, wants or needs. That is until now.

Graph Search a New Dimension

Facebook today launched “Graph Search” and although they haven’t rolled it out globally yet I’m sure it won’t be far and I’m sure it will be followed swiftly with their advertising platform integration.

Graph search will mean a big deal to their PPC platform because it should allow marketers to target keywords that people are actually searching for right now so amongst other powerful things it brings in the timing aspect.

These could be very exciting times for Digital Marketers.

Here’s a video from Facebook showing it’s potential:

I’ve just snapped up some pretty cool Graph Search domains but I didn’t go crazy as I’m sure Mr Zuckerberg has some hefty trademarks.

Let me know your thoughts On Graph Search below

If you’d like to find out more about me I did an interview recently with Spencer Shaw from The Business Growth Podcast and I thought his questioning style was really good.

You can listen  to the podcast interview here >>

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15 Responses to Graph Search: Facebook Goes from Interruption Marketing to Search

  1. Rob Boirun says:

    Holy crap. Lightbulbs going off left and right.

  2. Kristi Carter says:

    Hi Kenny:

    Thanks for the informative post. I saw the news on CNBC this am and did a little post about it on Facebook. I think as online marketers, this is huge because the targeted keywords will act like Google within its own closed system. FB doesn’t want to compete with Google, but they are. The New Year is looking even brighter.

  3. I think this is going to be awesome. It gives marketers the power to be much more targeted and timely while still keeping user privacy intact.

    We’ll see how much this drives up ad costs too…

  4. Elliott Foss says:

    What a great opportunity at a very special target market on social media. WOW!

  5. Jamie Grand says:

    Think I need to alter my privacy settings on Facebook!! ;-)

  6. Matt says:

    What domains you registred for “GraphSearch” ?;)

  7. Ryan says:

    Exciting stuff. Social Search with a “complete” social graph to power it. Do we know yet how heavy it will be on web results yet? or will they try to keep most of it inside facebook?

    Intent + Facebook’s Targeting could be a game changer for marketers.

    They have the data to make a better search engine, will they get it right?

  8. Ryan says:

    Great for PPC :) I wonder if they will allow us to only target intent? imagine the CTR on those.

    the inevitable Search/SEO power struggle to come another day.

  9. Alex says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Nice post, what domains have you got?? :-)

    I emailed you the other day about domaining and your internet tycoon course. You have my email here so could you just send me a quick one! Would appreciate it..Thanks!

  10. Andi says:

    Thanks for the Info Kenny,

    this makes many Lifes a liitle brighter – all over the world ;))

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