Anyone fancy chipping in for

One of the most (in)famous domains on the planet: is up for grabs again.
Anyone fancy chipping in to buy it? :-) was one of the springboards to lift the domaining industry out of obscurity, due to the crazy journey it’s been on and the amount of money involved in that journey…

…first registered along with other A-list domains like, & by Gary Kremen in the early nineties, was then ‘allegedly acquired by fraudulent means’ by Stephen Michael Cohen about a year after Kremen had registered it.

Cohen had just been released from Jail for other fraudulent activities and swiped the lucrative domain name by forging a letter from Kremen’s company stating Kremen had been fired and the firm no longer needed the domain and was giving it to Cohen. Nice guy!

Network Solutions the registrar accepted the letter and transferred the domain to Cohen who then went on to make a cool $100 million from the domain over the next 5 years. The domain was apparently receiving 25 million visits a day in it’s heyday!

Kremen eventually got the domain back and the courts ordered Cohen to pay Kremen $65 Million for loss of earnings and compensation. The courts were unable to put a figure on other ‘perks’ associated with the business! ;-) Cohen did what most good upstanding citizens would do and fled to Tijuana in Mexico without paying a penny!
He was then arrested in Mexico for immigration violations and has since been released and is still appealing the case. has since been sold to Escom LLC in 2006 for $14 million but earlier this year it was ordered to be sold at a foreclosure auction which never happened due to technical reasons and is now up for public sale on who are the exclusive brokers for the domain.

I wonder where the journey of will go next, how will the saga continue?

If you’re interested in purchasing the domain, you better raid your piggy bank coz I hear Sedo are expecting around 8 figures for the domain – you can put in your offers here.

Maybe if we get enough people to chip in we could put in a cheeky offer of $5m and see what happens ;-)

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7 Responses to Anyone fancy chipping in for

  1. Enzo says:

    What do you reckon it will go for?

  2. Well I have got the $5 Kenny you just need to put in the M.

  3. Kenny says:

    Not sure Enzo – depends on how much hype they create

  4. Kenny says:

    Graham you are way too generous!

  5. I thought had become a swinger, when I read the post title!

    Last month ICANN agreed on the use of XXX as an extension for the sex industry, so maybe go for rather than the .com and we may even see the .com value drop?

  6. @steve williams We’ve got a fuzzbox once did a song called XX Sex. Of course that is totally off topic but that is what I do best

  7. Hi Kenny, what are your thoughts on the value of .com domains once the generic TLDs come out?

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